Theo Gosselin – ‘Live Fast, Love hard, Die happy’

Der französische Fotograf Théo Gosselin bringt es mit “Live Fast, Love hard, Die happy” auf den Punkt. Er ist gerade mal 20 Jahre alt und hält alltägliche Situationen seines Lebens fest. Seine Aufnahmen spiegeln die Emotionen und Portraits der rebellischen Lebensweise seiner engsten Freunde wieder.

“I want to use this media to show the reality of life through the eyes of a normal young man, my own eyes, without set-ups. You can find pretty things all around you, if you can only have a look at it. They are what I am looking for as subjects in my photographs, what makes my life the way it is, the people and places that make it enjoyable. 

My work is mostly composed of portraits introducing the people that are important to me, in places that have special or familiar atmospheres. I also like to capture the image of people with a very particular style, or ordinary ones. I’m not interested in showing a fake idea of what life is and I’m not to claim that my pictures describe anybody’s life. It is just my life as an art student. 

My favorite lights are sunrise and sunset because it gives my vision of the world a more exotic and colorful perspective. I could not divide my work into series. I visualize it as a continuous work that has begun when I first took my camera and will finish when I’ll drop it for good.” - Théo Gosselin

Wirklich beeindruckendes Bildmaterial!

Mehr Informationen findet ihr auch auf seinem Blog oder bei Flickr.


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